Pastillation Units
Pastillation provides an efficient, cost effective process for the continuous converting of molten products into uniform, round and dust free granules ideal for bagging, transporting and bulk material handling systems.

The pastillation process has the flexibility to produce pastille sizes ranging from 1-25 mm in diameter and with viscosities ranging from 5 – 30,000 mPas (cP), based upon processing conditions and need. From pastillator heads to complete turnkey units, up and down stream equipment, our company can provide customized solutions for your pastillation process.

We do not only provide pastillation cooling belt units but also various pastillation units for existing cooling belt units as well as turnkey plants, which are exactly planned and designed in accordance to our customers needs. Our company provides different pastillation processes. We choose the right one in consultation with our customers, after a close look at the characteristics of the product and at the process requirements such as performance and size of the pastilles.

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