Compressed Air Purification
Our German partner develops, designs and manufactures intelligent products and system solutions for compressed air filter technology, adsorption technology and condensate technology.

We offer operationally reliable high-performance filtration, drying and separation for the professional treatment of compressed air and compressed gases to the highest industrial equipment quality.

Modern production methods make ever increasing demands on the quality of compressed air. However, the ambient air taken in and compressed by the compressor is heavily contaminated by impurities. Moreover, depending on the compressor type, the delivered air will contain oil, which is conveyed with the compressed air in fine aerosols, together with impurieties from the compressed air network, e.g. rust and scale. In addition, any condensate formed must be removed from the system.

The KICK Group Services:

• Compressed Air Filtration
• Adsorption Drying
• Refrigeration Drying
• Membrane Drying
• Condensate Management
• Special Units